With 5+ years of experience as a Registered Medical Assistant, my passion has always been to help people be the best version of themselves by improving their overall health and wellbeing. As a busy mother of two wonderful boys, I made it my mission to find something that I genuinely love that still allows me to spend time with my family! My ambitious spirit brought me across the world to Amsterdam, Netherlands where I became a Certified Yoga Trapeze® Instructor.  Shortly after obtaining my certification, I traveled back to my hometown of Brunswick, Maine and opened my own business in Bath!  I love sharing my practice with people of all shapes and sizes at Nova Yoga Trapeze® to provide a full body workout that is fun and unique!  Whether you work out on a regular basis, or you are looking to begin your fitness journey, I am dedicated to teaching you suspension exercises that will help you strengthen, gain flexibility, and relieve back pain!  Come fly with me and see what Yoga Trapeze® is all about!


~ Marcia